About the Founder

The Late Dr. B.N. Roy was an eminent academician and technocrat. His qualifications include a B.Sc. Engg. (Elect.& Mech.), FIE (India), DIC (London) and Ph.D. (London). He even served in the Indian army as a Lieutenant. Post his experience in the army, he worked in various engineering colleges as a professor. He was the founding principal of Bhagalpur College of Engineering. He was also the principal of Regional Institute of Technology (RIT), now known as National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jamshedpur. In 1965, he founded Pushkar Techno Pvt. Ltd., manufacturing automotive components for one of the largest heavy vehicle companies in India.

Founder’s Vision

Pushkar Techno Pvt. Ltd. focuses on simplicity by keeping a low profile externally and emphasising an open effective communication within the organization, which plays an important factor for the growth of the company. Building strong relationships with customers is of the utmost importance. Developing an understanding of the requirements of the customer helps the company in achieving quality and excellence for the products manufactured.

A company is known for living up to its promises. At Puskar Techno Pvt. Ltd. we make promises carefully and once a promise is made, it is followed through without fail. This vision has helped Pushkar Techno Pvt. Ltd. maintain its integrity and value in the market. Pushkar Techno Pvt. Ltd. has always relied on its customers for the smooth operation of its business and keeping it profitable. Customer satisfaction has always been given the highest priority, which is handled professionally, effectively, and swiftly.

Pushkar Techno Pvt. Ltd. clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of its employees which provides clarity, alignment, and expectations to our team. This also enables effective communications between the various groups, facilitating the full integration of the department and the organization. Last but not the least, employee satisfaction is given utmost importance. This leads to a better atmosphere at the workplace and makes teamwork effortless. Pushkar Techno Pvt. Ltd. constantly recognizes the efforts of the employees and rewards them.

Amit Roy

Managing Director

From the M.D.’s Desk

Pushkar Techno. Pvt. Ltd. is a 55-year-old organization offering high-quality automotive components, bulk material handling products and other engineering products and services over the years. The company’s strong manufacturing base and relentless focus on quality have resulted in several decade-old loyal customers. Our company thrives on its virtue of strong technical background followed by sincere and honest efforts to serve its customers and the society at large by holding the highest values of honesty and ethics. The bulk material handling and automotive components are manufactured following a systematic approach and attention to each detail.

Our aim is to build lasting relationships with the customer by diligently understanding their requirements and maintaining our commitments towards them. To achieve this goal, our team of professionals work tirelessly ensuring products of global standards at favourable prices.

I am confident that our success is a result of our strong ethical values and hardworking employees, who have been a crucial part of our organization. We have created a safe and harmonious working environment for our team who strongly believe in our ethical values. I believe that along with my team and encouragement from our distinguished customers, Pushkar Techno Pvt. Ltd. will continue on its journey to achieve national and global accolades.


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